Sunday, January 13, 2013

1992?? Klein Attitude pearl black final photo shoot

This bike is my first Klein restoration project. I have delivered two repainted fuselages but this is the frist complete build. I acquired this bike in Horizon linear fade, but it was already repainted once by Klein in 1993 with newer style debossed decals. I believe that bike might have originally been a 1991 or maybe even a 1990 as there were traces of the green in Dolomite paint on the MC1. The bike came with a Uniklein fork, but the previous owner mentioned that he had the fork replaced with a brand new one in 1993, perhaps the original fork was a box crown. Another clue is the early style of downtube cable inlets usually only found on early Pinnacles could be another indicator that this is a 1990 frame. Lastly the serial number is ATxxx, which based on my records is common among 1990 Attitudes.

This is how the frame came to me. The paintjob was pretty and vibrant, but there was a fair amount of corrosion under the paint. It was a good candidate for a repaint.

The frame, fork and MC1 were repainted in pearl black which although not very common was a catalog color in the early years. It's especially wonderful when paired with the outline decals instead of solid ones. I think most will agree the final result is nothing short of stunning.

I've enjoyed working on this bike and for my first Klein I think that I put together a solid restoration worthy of the brand.

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