Sunday, October 28, 2012

1994 Yeti ARC Completed

It's with no small amount of satisfaction that I am able to add the word completed to yet another ground up restoration. This 94 ARC looks the part and was a very rewarding project to work on.

Here are the links to the build up process (Update #5, #4, #3, #2, Start)

To recap this one for those of you who were not following from the start. I bought this frame just for the turquoise Ringle Moby post to complete the previous ARC I was working on. The frame ended up being solid and so I decided to get it resprayed at Spectrum along with the 95 ARC. Since I had so many turquoise parts on hand from the previous build I was able to put this one together fairly easily. The main difference with this restoration is that we opted to go for top mounted decals unlike the decals under the clear coat on the previous bike. This single decision ended up dictating the pace of the entire project.

In addition to the repainted frame a great deal of the parts were also refinished. These include the Ringle stem, Ringle Ti-Stix skewers, Grafton Speedcontroller brakes, Ringle chain anti suck thing, cable stops and the Grafton Joystix cranks. The remainder of the parts are either NOS or very-very close to it. The build is very similar to team race spec from that time period with a few minor differences like the Ringle headset for example. 

The build had it's share of challenges. Installing the cable guides seems very simple, however most rivet guns do not fit into the tight space provided by the cable stop. I had to get a custom head machined for my rivet gun to make this task safe. Also, the first set of Grafton cranks ended up being cracked to I had to scramble and get another pair but could only get a hold of compact drive, which meant searching for all new chainrings and on and on and on. 

But now it's done and it's AWESOME!!! Time to start packing. Hope you enjoy it Mike!!


  1. Martin, great job on the bikes and photos. I think yours may be nicer than the originals. Keep up the good work, Frank

    1. Thanks Frank, but it's you that made this repair possible man. I just coordinate this stuff.