Thursday, November 10, 2011

1992 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Violet

Here's a quick photo update on the 1992 Yo Eddy restoration project.  For those of you following along this bike came to me in all black, and pretty beat up black at that.  It was repainted by Russ Pickett at Airart and now received the full M900 XTR parts treatment. 

The fact that the bike is a 1992 (based on the serial number) qualifies it for the M900 gruppo which debuted in 1992.  It took a little while to complete a full M900 gruppo and although the parts are not NOS they are in near mint condition.  I even managed to find a rather rare 12-28 rear cassette, which in my opinion looks much better than the 12-32 ones you find more often.

Everything on the bike short of the seatpost is M900 XTR and it's starting to look great.  For some reason every bike I build with the M900 gruppo just looks so much better than with another gruppo like M735 XT or other.  It just works so well!!

I'm really looking forward to receiving the few missing pieces (Front brake cable hanger, NOS Panaracer Dart & Smoke Comp tires and chainstay protector).  Aside from the XTR the bike received a near NOS Answer Hyperlite bar in black along with a matching black Syncros seatpost and NOS turbo saddle.

This is really shaping up to be a very special build!


  1. I have a Yo Eddy and I have always thought if I ever wanted it resprayed, how or where could I get the graphics exactly the same as before. Yours look perfect , how or where did you get yours ?

  2. I got my Fat Chance decals from Rhody at Groovy Cycles. They are top notch and have a variety of color combinations available.